Ps. zapotecorum prints restocked! Domestic Ps. cubensis spore prints restocked! PE6, PE Uncut (PEU), Golden Teacher, KSSS Mutant Strain, Mazatapec now available! Please click this banner for more announcements. * Please be aware the USPS is experiencing delays. We offer a full and complete money-back guarantee on our entire catalogue so we ask that you please be patient if you encounter issues. Your order is important to us, but more importantly, your money is safe with us. So please hang in there - your stuff will come safely - and if it doesn't, we've got you covered.

Penis Envy & Classics Collection

Penis Envy & Classics Collection

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Greetings! For sale here is our new PE Collection. Available here are eight spore syringes and a Ps cubensis Spore Print.


Buyer receives:

Two (2) 10mL Blue Meanie

Two (2) 10mL Burmese Penis Envy

Two (2) 10mL Koh Samui Super Strain

Two (2) 10mL PE #6


Buyer also receives:

One (1) Spore Print of Psilocybe cubensis var. PE #6


All of our swab and print orders include nitrile gloves, a dust mask, sterile swabs and an infosheet.


Pictured: Psilocybe azurescens var. West Washington, Fall 2020.