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Help & Information


We offer a full and complete Money-Back Guarantee on our entire catalogue. Please see our Returns section for more information.

What color should my spore syringe be?

Your Psilocybe cubensis spore syringe will take on the color of the dominant color in your spore print. Some may appear bright violet, others near-black, and various permutations of purple-tan. Panaeolus will be jet black and Gymnopilus will be bright orange. The "ideal" syringe appears to be colored water with mixed flecks, bundles or small clumps of spores.

Should I see clumps of spore syringes in my water?

The optimal spore solution is 100% dissolved thoroughly in sterilized distilled water. You are aiming for purple/black water with small flecks, NOT giant massive clumps. Massive clumps will break down into simple sugars, germinate, and the mycelium dies when it runs out of nutrition. It's the last thing we want to happen to our spores.

Some people make them ridiculously heavy, which is very often unnecessary, and increases the potential for contaminants. We strive for a happy medium between the two so that you receive an effective syringe that won't die or otherwise be loaded with contams.

Why is my print tiny/massive?

Fungi come in all shapes and sizes. Generally, the massive mushrooms we see examples of in domestic grows are not the norm out in the wild. Woodlovers, for example, grow in nutrient-poor grasslands and are generally very small mushrooms. The "Liberty Cap" - Ps semilanceata - is a tiny mushroom whose print could fit on your thumbnail. Ps tampanensis, which forms sclerotia under the ground, have very tiny caps so it is impossible to harvest massive prints from certain species.

The teacup sized prints are more the norm for cubensis and sturdy woodlovers grown in a nutrient-rich grassland or directly off of wood.

How long will my syringe last? My print/swabs?

You can break storage down into two camps: 1) dry spores, 2) wet spores. Treat wet spores (solution) like a food item and store as close to freezing as possible. Ice crystals will shred the cells, so we like to recommend anything below 50 degrees that isn't freezing.

Dry spores, such as prints and swabs, need to remain in a cool dark place away from light, heat and water. Ideally, a sealed plastic bag with a desiccant packet stored in a drawer that isn't too hot.

While you may get 8-10 years out of a domestic cubensis print, you may see 2-4 years on wild Psilocybe storage and 6 months for spore solution.

We package our inventory so that it can be stored immediately just as it is, without any further requirements from you.

I don't know how to tell you my item was bad and I need a replacement.

You can just tell me that your spores were not suitable for your needs. That's it. I'm not in the business of asking questions about your personal life, so just let me know what I've gotta do to make good on it, and we are set! Please avoid any mention of cultivation or substances. I will ship you a replacement free of charge.

Please contact me as soon as possible so we can work out a refund or replacement: OregonHighSpores@gmail.com


What microscope should I get?

Amscope makes some real solid workhorses and you can find these in university bookstores used in college towns after the semester is over. They offer digital imaging with USB connectivity starting as low as $100. I recommend binocular scopes to beginners, as to avoid catching the bad habit of closing one eye.

Wear eye protection when working with glass. It WILL save your eyesight WHEN you drop a glass slide or eyepiece.


Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if there is any content that you would like to see here, thank you!!