Hey everyone. Spring picking season is here so please don't be alarmed if I disappear for 12-24h. I also have a ton of myco work to get done for our own food security so there may be a small delay in email correspondence or order fulfillment every now and again for the next few weeks. * Please be aware the USPS is experiencing delays. We offer a full and complete money-back guarantee on our entire catalogue so we ask that you please be patient if you encounter issues. * We ship Mon-Sat and can process your order here or via email with Cashapp, Venmo, cash, or BTC/LRC/ETH.

Shipping Restrictions

We do NOT process orders to CA, GA or ID.

We ship prints internationally inside letters with stamps. We accept BTC, ETH and LRC for these orders.

We also process Cashapp, Venmo, crypto, cash and Amazon gift codes manually. We can be reached at OregonHighSpores@gmail.com, thank you!