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Edibles: Liquid Inoculant

Edibles: Liquid Inoculant

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For sale here are 10mL syringes of Liquid Inoculant. Liquid Inoculant (or "LI") is a superior method of inoculation for your favorite edible and medicinal mushrooms. Liquid Culture (LC) is simply a suspension of sugar water with living mycelium. LI, on the other hand, is a suspension of liquified agar enhanced with nutrients.

We use alder wood as a base since it is readily available in the PNW and incredibly sustainable. Our cultures come prepared to eat wood right out of the syringe. You will experience less failure of your grains taking to wood or straw when using this method. There's nothing more stressful than doing everything right and not having your tissue take - our Liquid Inoculant completely eliminates that (for most species on most substrates).

We also enhance our LI with calcium, sulphur, nitrogen, vitamins and assorted minerals and cook it with pure silver.

This creates an exceptionally bacteria resistant, shelf-stable, long-lasting, ravenous culture ready to colonize anything you put in front of it. It has taken me years to perfect this but it is worth every last second of effort. I truly feel you'll enjoy what we have to offer here and I'm proud to finally offer these products.


Pictured: Triametes versicolor, Tillamook OR Spring 2022




If a species is left blank, it is a common domestic variety.

If a species is marked with a location, that species was cloned off of a choice wild specimen from that area.