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Spore Print: Psilocybe cyanescens, Northwest Oregon Fall 2021 - First Flush

Spore Print: Psilocybe cyanescens, Northwest Oregon Fall 2021 - First Flush

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ONE (1) Spore Print of Psilocybe cyanescens from the coast of Northwest Oregon. They were collected along a sandy bank near a bay, amongst the pine litter, mixed leaves, and sedge. Some were collected from within pine litter and others within blackberry brambles.

I started mushroom hunting six weeks early this year to get in shape. These are the first flush after a cold rain initiated pinning in this area - the best of the best.

Spore deposits retrieved from wild specimens, and may be representative of their natural flora and fauna in slide view. That is to say, you may notice other things than spores when using your microscope. Only healthy, mature, fresh specimens were used to retrieve deposits; free of rot, bugs, infection or other undesirables. We purge the caps and only keep later, cleaner print sets. We only use about 1-2% of our gatherings to collect prints and we use prized, choice restaurant-quality specimens.

Smaller/Choice: Dime or nickel sized
Medium: Nickel-to-quarter
Large: Quarter to Half Dollar
Massive: Silver dollar sized or larger


Pictured: Psilocybe cyanescens var Northwest Oregon Coast 20 October 2021.